Lash Extensions

what you need to know

Lash Extensions are synthetic hairs that resemble natural lashes. They are applied with a special adhesive to your natural lashes to make them look longer, thicker, and fuller. Enhancing your eyes.

What are Lash Extensions?
The Benefits

I am a believer in simple beauty. And if you take proper care of your skin daily, all you need to add for a completely natural look are brows and lashes.

Sometimes we have very limited time to put ourselves together and continue with the tasks of the day, so what better way than to wake up almost ready?

Having lash extensions provides a finished natural look making your eyes seem more open, awake, defined, and beautiful.

There is no need to take all that time putting on mascara every day and take it off every night, no need to put on strip lashes, which can be difficult and even more time-consuming. No mascara smudges, no mascara running down your eyes or stinging.

Lash extensions give your lashes a rest from the everyday routine and can look very natural.

Wear makeup because you want to, not because you have to. And wake up ready for your day.

Specializing in Natural Looking Lash Extensions That Last.

What you need to know

Before your appointment
Come to your appointment with clean eyes, no mascara, no eyeshadow, no eyeliner. Contact lenses are optional, but usually people tend to be more comfortable without them.

No caffeine. Take advantage of this time to relax and maybe even take a nap.

Make sure to ask any questions you have. I'll be happy to clear any doubts you might have.

You might want to try a patch test for the lash adhesive. Some people may be allergic (5% of the population) and will not be candidates for this service.

Even though the bond of the lash extension to your natural lashes can last up to 8 weeks, it is important to know that natural lashes, just like the hair on our heads, have a life cycle. So as your natural lashes grow, the extension will move with them, and as your natural lashes fall off, they will take the extension attached with them.

For a consistent full lash look, you will want to consider coming in for a lash fill every two to four weeks. It will take less time than a full set.

No need to keep your eyes dry for 24 hours after your session, or keep them away from water, steam, and sweat.

You will be able to wet your lashes normally right after your appointment.

Any tugging or aggressive rubbing of the lashes, may start to brake down the adhesive that is used to attach the extensions to your lashes. This can happen while sleeping, as an unconscious habit, or when removing makeup that is hard to clean.

Do not use mechanical lash curlers, instead opt for a heated lash curler if you still want to use one. But with your new lashes, you probably won't even think of curling.

Wash, dry, and brush your lashes, every day to keep them cleaned, groomed, and healthy. Use a lash shampoo that is safe for your eyes and lash-extensions.

Remember that you now have longer lashes made from plastic. Be mindful when handling heat close to your face. e.g. baking, grilling, lighting a cigar and smoking. You’ve seen what fire does to your hair. It will do the same to your lashes.

If for any reason you decide you would like to take the extensions off, do not try to do it yourself. Cutting them will leave you with a weird look and pulling will pull off your natural lashes. Don’t risk it, just make an appointment to have them carefully removed.

If you experience any pain, redness, or irritation contact your lash technician right away.

The Process
You and your lash technician will have a brief consultation on what you are looking for, she will help you find the best design for your eyes, and let you know what you can expect.

There’ll be a form to sign, making sure you understand the process, limiting responsibilities and aftercare.

Once you get your plan set it’s time to start.

You will be laying down and with your eyes closed for the whole session, that may take between 2 to 3 hours for a full set.

Bathroom breaks are allowed, just make sure to tell your LT so she can prepare you and make it safe for you to open your eyes.

Your technician will put some eye pads or tape under your eyes to protect your lower eyelids and lower lashes. If it’s your first time, they might feel a little weird but don’t hesitate to tell your technician if they are uncomfortable.

The LT will be performing very detailed work with tweezers and magnifying glasses, so try not to make any sudden movements without letting them know. e.g. sneezing

Lashes will be applied one by one with a special adhesive to your natural lashes for a classic look. On average, per eye, we have 90 to 160 lashes on the top row, and about 80 lashes on the bottom row. Normally, we only apply extensions to the top row.

The synthetic lashes are so soft and flexible, very similar to natural lashes.

There are different sizes and types of lashes. They will vary in thickness, length, material, color, and curl. And depending on the style you planned, your technician will choose the best ones to achieve the look.

Once your new lashes are complete, you may feel a light cool mist on your eyes or some air fanning. Sometimes a finishing wash is recommended. This process will help to cure the adhesive and make sure you are ready to open your eyes and enjoy your new look.

Flutter away!

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