Lash Extensions

in Eagle River, WI

Lash Extensions Fill
A minimum of 30 lash extensions remaining per eye is needed to be considered a fill.

We use special products, tools and techniques to safely remove your lash extensions without damaging your natural lashes.


If you're new to Simply Pretty Spa but already wear lash extensions, this is what you want to know.

You will want to first determine if your set still counts as a fill. If the majority of your extensions have fallen, you might want to book a brand new set. If 50% to 40% of your extensions are still in good condition, then you can book a 2-3 week fill or a 4 week fill.

We won't be counting the days from your last fill, just assessing your current set, and we will work with the time you schedule. A 4 week fill will give you more time than a 2-3 week fill. Booking a full set will be your best option if your lash extensions seem very sparse.

Recommended for those who come in every 14 to 22 days.

Recommended for those who like to come in every 23 to 30 days. Most of your extensions will be replaced, and you'll have more time allotted for your service to bring you back to a full set.

2 - 3 Week Fill
4 Week Fill
Lash Extension Removal
Classic Lash Extensions
Deluxe Lash Extensions

Achieve the look of mascara by lengthening and darkening you lashes. Without the daily work of mascara.

Looking to add more darkness to your lash line? The deluxe set adds volume by introducing lash fans, that is a group of fanned out lashes applied to a natural lash. Creating more coverage and more darkness.