Let's talk about Skin, Brows and Lashes...

Why Skin
Why Brows
Why Lashes

Let's face it, the face is what we all remember, it's how we are recognized and exactly what we look for when we look at ourselves in the mirror. Our skin is important for many reasons, including how we present ourselves, health and self-care.

The brows frame our face, giving it a certain character, and the right shape can makes us look more happy, energetic, and youthful.

Lashes make or break the look of the most important piece of your face... the eyes! Lashes can emphasize and open up your eyes. A pair of natural looking, customized lashes will always have you looking ready.


Will Lash Extensions damage my lashes?

When applied properly by a trained lash artist, and following the recommended after care, there is no reason why the extensions would harm your natural lashes and can be worn indefinitely.

What is the difference between Lash Extensions and a Lash Lift & Tint?

Lash extensions are synthetic, curled lashes that are attached with a special adhesive to each of your lashes. These can elongate and add volume to your natural lash line, it brings the possibility of customizing your lash set to correct and or enhance the beauty of your eye shape. A Lash Lift & Tint is a semi-permanent curling and coloring of the natural lashes.

Do you offer massage, hair cuts, hair coloring or nail art?

Simply Pretty Spa is a different kind of spa, we focus on lash enhancements, facial hair removal, and tinting of the brows and lashes only. We prefer to be really good in a few services, instead of spreading our attention in a lot of services.

I've heard that lash extensions can cause allergies, how do I know if I'm allergic?

It is rare to develop an allergy, however, we are all prone to developing allergies, e.g. nuts, cats or penicillin. The only way to know we are allergic to something, is to expose ourselves to the allergen. You may request a patch test, however, it is important to know that usually the allergic reaction comes with multiple exposures to the allergen and may not appear with a short one time exposure. If you decide to get a patch test, it is recommended to schedule it two days before your appointment to get lash extensions.

Do I need to use a lash serum when I get lash extensions or a lash lift?

Lash serums are recommended when your lashes have suffered some damage, are naturally thinning or if you would like to boost your natural lashes. It is not necessary to use a serum when getting a lash enhancement, however, it can help you to get better results from your service.

I'm looking to get a Lash Extension Fill, but I have lashes from somewhere else, what should I book?

In this case, you might want to first determine if your set still counts as a fill. If the majority of your extensions have fallen, you might want to book a brand new set. If 50% to 40% of your extensions are still in good condition, then you can book a Classic or Deluxe Long fill, we want to make sure we get as much time possible to get you back to full.