Are eyelash extensions really worth it?

Wondering if you should get lash extensions? This is for you.

Lizeth L Schattner - Simply Pretty Spa

2/8/20231 min read

Well… I’m kinda biased in this matter but, it depends on what lash extensions is doing for you.

If you are looking to enhance your lashes because you are done with mascara, curling your lashes, want to save time and not worry about getting ready every day, love to wake up ready, love to feel beautiful and lash extensions does all that and more for you… then hell yeah they’re absolutely worth it!

I’ve never met a woman that doesn’t care at all about how she looks, and it’s not because of how others see her, but because of how she feels when she likes herself, when you fall in love with yourself.

Now, lash extensions is not the only way to achieve this feeling that pushes you to be your best, but it’s a very easy and popular one (winky face)

Are Lash Extensions Really Worth it?