Do Lash Extensions ruin your lashes?

People have been asking if lash extensions can ruin your lashes for many reasons, here are reasons why it can and reasons why it can not, explained by an expert lash artist.

Lizeth Schattner. Simply Pretty Spa

1/25/20232 min read

There is no reason why getting lash extensions would ruin your lashes when properly applied, however, when applied incorrectly and lack of minimum hygienic upkeep, your natural lashes might have some issues.

The reasons why your lashes might be ruined from getting lash extensions can be due to a poor application. If the lash artist is leaving some natural lashes glued together all the time, it can definitely become an issue, and in extreme cases you could end up pulling most of your natural lashes. However, this is not permanent, And I promise, if your body is functioning normally, your lashes should grow back to normal.

Another issue might be years of poor cleansing from the lash-extension-wearer. Our lashes naturally collect oils and debris to protect our eyes, and when we have lash extensions, there is a lot more surface to collect all that, at first you might not even notice or even think it’s a big deal. But eventually, you might start to have some eye issues, like styes and even weaken the natural lash growth. But again, all this can be prevented by simply following the directions of washing your beautiful lashes every night.

The weight of the extensions might also play a role in bad lashes, maybe not ruining the natural lashes, but definitely the look of the extension set. If you apply too much weight to the natural lash, you might end up with some wonky looking lashes.

Other than that, I don't really think there is much to worry about.

The simple solution is to review who you will be getting your lash extensions with and follow the simple task of washing your lashes every night.Hope this lets you take a chance on some fun lash extensions, the best thing you can do is try them, and see how you like them.

If you’re in Eagle River Wisconsin, you can easily book online to get some lash love. We’ll go through a consultation and make sure this is the best option for what you are looking for and get you the best set for your eyes.

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Do lash extensions ruin your lashes?