How long do your eyes hurt after eyelash extensions?

Are lash extensions supposed to hurt? No, but here are some reasons why that could be happening.

Lizeth Lanz Schattner

3/6/20231 min read

Do eyelash extensions hurt the first day? How long do your eyes hurt after eyelash extensions?

Ooooo! This one is tricky… Lash Extensions should not hurt ever. However, there are certain situations when you may feel pain. In these cases, please reach out to your lash artist as soon as possible, because it’s probably an easy fix and nobody needs to suffer.

Sometimes, the natural lashes are glued to other natural lashes in the process of attaching the extensions. By the end of the service, this situation needs to be resolved and you should not leave with any stickies. But it’s hard to be 100% perfect 100% of the time, so sometimes these stickies will be there as you leave, and you don’t really notice that until later, about one to two days after. This is painful because lashes do not all grow at the same rate, and when one of the fast growing lashes is pulling a slow growing one, it will create that discomfort.

Other times the attachment of the lash is either too close to the lash line for comfort, or not applied flushed to the natural lash, and is poking at the lash line.

And last but not least, your natural lashes just naturally rub against your lower lash line, and when an extension is attached, the rubbing can be a bit harsh for your skin or lower lash line. I find this last for a couple of days and then disappears.

woman with black hair smiling
woman with black hair smiling