For The Bride to Be

Whenever I hear wedding I think of the best wedding I've ever been to, my own wedding. I believe everyone should feel that way.

Your wedding should feel like the best wedding you've ever been to. I truly do get excited for the bride to be, and why wouldn't it be exciting, she's about to have the time of her life!

I know planning a wedding can be quite stressful and overwhelming, especially if you're not an event planner. I know I did. But there was a couple pieces of advice that I got along the way that helped me get through it:

1. People remember the experience, not the details.

2. This day is about us (bride and groom) and the love we share with each other and our special guests. If we're having a good time, everyone else will have a good time.

3. It's your wedding, make it how you want it. Follow the traditions you want to and maybe even make up new ones. It's your wedding, you get to decide.

My style of work in makeup is pretty natural. You can see in these Before-and-Afters that the enhancements are minimal but still make a beautiful difference. I use quality cosmetics that can last you hours without making you feel like you have a mask on. My aim is to enhance your beauty, not hide or change you. You're already beautiful, I'm just highlighting it.

Bridal Bundles

Makeup Session

Includes makeup and strip lashes for Trial session or Day of Event. A great option for the wedding party and other special guests. $100

Basic Bridal Bundle

Includes makeup and strip lashes  for both Trial Session and Day of Event $180

Just the Eyes

Includes makeup for the eye area, brows and strip lashes. $79