What do I need to know before getting eyelash extensions?

Thinking of getting lash extensions but still have lots of questions. This post is for you.

Lizeth Schattner -Simply Pretty Spa

2/14/20232 min read

Great question!

First you will want to have an idea of what you are looking to achieve, is it just a mascara look, or are you going to a rave and want to make a huge impression with the craziest lashes in town. This is huge because it will determine who will do your lashes, Lash extensions is an art form and not all artists work the same. You can’t ask Picasso to paint a Monet.

Be prepared to just relax. Your session should be that time you take to just be taken care of. You’ll be in that bed for at least an hour. Lash extensions are a very detailed job and you’ll want them done right. Some people take a nap, some will bring their ear buds and listen to music, a podcast or an audio book. And some like to be a little chatty, and you might want to talk to your artist on this one because when you talk you move, and when you move, your artist might not be able to place any lashes. But again, we all work differently.

Taking care of your lash extensions it’s easy. All you need to remember is to wash your lashes every night. You see, our natural lashes are meant to protect the eye, they collect oils, debris and dirt. When you have lash extensions, this function of protection increases, because now there is more surface to catch all of that gunk, so you’ll want to give your lashes some love at night to maintain a healthy lash line so you can continue to wear lash extensions indefinitely. Yes, that is right! When you take proper care of your lashes by washing them every night, and your artist takes proper care on applying your extensions, you can wear lash extensions indefinitely. There should be no harm to your natural lashes from wearing lash extensions.

Don’t be afraid to wash your lashes, think about how you brush your teeth. You want to be thorough enough to clean them well, but not too harsh to harm your gums. Water will not loosen the adhesive, in fact, that is exactly how the liquid adhesive cures into a hard plastic that binds the extension to the natural lash, it cures with moisture in the air, and it does not ever return to its liquid form.

You need to know that lash extensions are not a cheap service, so unless you are willing to give a starting artist a chance, be ready to make an investment. The highest price will always be the first session, it's what we call a full set, DO NOT BE FOOLED to make your decision on this number. What you’ll really want to know is how often you’ll be doing your fills, which is a maintenance on the current set, and know how much are the fills, because that is what you’ll want to budget for moving forward.

The standard time between fills is 2 to 3 weeks. However, some of us will offer a 4 week fill. Your lash set should be looking less full but not almost gone by the time of your fill.

It is hard to cover every single detail about what to expect with lash extensions, but this are the basics. Hope this cleared up some space in your head to make that decision and just jump in and try it, which is the best way to know if you’ll love them.

What do i need to know before getting eyelash extensions?

woman holding magnifying glass with brown liquid
woman holding magnifying glass with brown liquid