What happens if I cry after getting eyelash extensions?

Will tears make your lash extensions fall off?

Lizeth Schattner - Simply Pretty Spa

3/14/20231 min read

If the lash extensions have been applied correctly, your lashes will just get wet with your tears.

Hopefully you get it all out and resume with normal life, and then you can enjoy looking at those beautiful eyes with your new lashes.

Now, if you are rubbing your eyes like there’s no tomorrow, then you might start to break the adhesive, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve been crying or not.

Tears do not affect lash extensions on their own, but normally when we cry we tend to rub our eyes or dry them with tissue that might leave some residue behind and maybe you pick at that, not sure what the story is behind it, but know that your beautiful salty tears should not affect the lash extensions when applied properly.

Will crying remove my lash extensions?

girl with brown hair smiling
girl with brown hair smiling